Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hand Painted Bow Saw

I find these old saw blades at auctions and antique shops.  I have my husband cut out an insert to fit the back of the saw and I paint a picture on it.  This is one of my own designs.  I call it "Afternoon Encounter" It is copyrighted.  I got the idea for this painting from watching the deer in our own back yard!  We have a well worn trail behind our house and the deer travel back and forth on it.  One day I was watching several does.  Then they all stopped what they were doing to look at something coming down the path.  I looked to see what they were looking at and here came a buck!  The does didn't hang around long and ran off in different directions!  I hope you like my painting!  I am blessed to live in the country and see wildlife right outside my own window!

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