Monday, November 28, 2011


A couple of years ago I painted a cardboard refrigerator box to use as a back drop in my booth.  My hopes were that it would draw people into my booth and boy it sure did!  People kept wanting to buy it...but I explained that it wouldnt hold up very well being on cardboard!  So I went home and created 10 different signs and painted them on a 4' X 2' piece of wood.  I thought this would be a managable size for  people to display and it would fit in their car to take home! These big signs are perfect to display in a window, on your porch, in an entry way.  I even had a lady ask me to paint a larger one to be part of an outdoor display for a Christmas walk her house was part of!!!   Here are a few that I painted....

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Here is one of my lastest pattern packets, FROSTY TREATS!  It is so much fun to paint!  I love decorating the Christmas tree and these ornaments look so cute on the tree!  Who can resist a frosty treat!

My Big Snowman Gourd

I love painting on gourds!  I found this BIG gourd while shopping at the COVERED BRIDGE FESTIVAL this past October.  I finially decided what I wanted to paint on it...so here it is! Took it to my craft show the second weekend of November and sold it to a lady who tells me she bought a gourd from me the previous year too and just loves it...she plans on sitting this one next to it to display all winter. Neat huh?


My husband and I were recently asked to be guests on a local TV program called HOBBIES, CRAFTS & COLLECTABLES. How cool is that!! Our segment airs on December 20th at 6:30pm on WEIU channel.  Later it will be on you-tube, so if you miss it you can still see it there! 

Handpainted Turkey Feathers

A neighbor gave me some Turkey Feathers to paint on a few years ago.  I found out I love painting on them!  I buy all my feathers on line now and I paint them to sell at craft shows and on line on my webpage http://www.cgcrafts.com/.  Here is just a small sampling of some of the ones I have done.


My husband and I were featured in the November issue of ADVENTURE SPORTS OUTDOORS magazine.  Our artical is on pages 92 & 93.  My husband makes Antler Chandeliers and Antler Lamps. They talked about my handpainted Turkey Feathers and Glass Lanterns!  You can see the whole artical on line at http://www.asomagazine.com/

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Whats Terrie painting today....

Today I finished painting this huge kettle gourd!  I painted a pattern by Plum Purdy on it and then added some of my own ideas.  I am taking it to my craft show this weekend to sell.  Love painting these gourds!!