Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lilly and the Bee Hive Clock

Lilly and the Bee Hive Clock @ www.cgcrafts.com

Scarecrow Planter

Scarecrow Planter Pattern Packet @ www.cgcrafts.com

Snowman Planter

Snowman Planter Pattern Packet @ www.cgcrafts.com

Treat Yourself

Treat Yourself Pattern Packet @ www.cgcrafts.com

Happy Haunting

Happy Haunting Pattern Packet @ www.cgcrafts.com

Northwoods Christmas Wreath

Northwoods Christmas Wreath Pattern Packet @ www.cgcrafts.com

Easter Bunny Bucket

Check out my web page for this adorable Easter Bunny Bucket pattern packet!  www.cgcrafts.com

Just some paintings I did for a craft show

Hand Painted Spring Turkey Feather

I had an order to paint a turkey feather.  My customer wanted deer and turkeys on the feather and he wanted a spring scene.  Since Bucks don't have very big antlers yet in the spring time I decided to paint two fawns instead along with the turkey.  I also painted mushrooms in the grass around the turkey.  Back in Ill we mushroom hunt in the spring, the same time we see young fawns still with their spots.  My customer loved the feather! 

Hand Painted Bear Skull

Well this is a first for me!  A customer of mine brought me a "Bear Skull" and ask me to paint a picture of a black bear on it.  He had shot the bear on a bow hunt, had the cape made into a rug and had the head boiled to clean it.  Although some of my friends might be squeamish about touching a bear skull, I am not.  I actually thought it was pretty cool to hold one in my hands and see it up close.  My customer was happy with the finished painting and now the bear skull hangs proudly in the living room of his log cabin.