Monday, April 18, 2011

Hand Painted Easter Eggs

I love painting these wooden Easter Eggs...so much so that I never want to sell them.  I just keep adding to my Easter basket!  They are fun to  paint.  First I paint a wooden egg black.  When it is dry I use a pencil and draw on my design.  I like to look at quilt patterns for ideas.  Don't worry if you make a mistake you can just paint over it and start again!  Once I have decided on a design and have it drawn onto the egg it is time to start painting.  I like to pick out three or four colors that I think look good together and start filling in the design on the egg.  Once I have painted the design on the entire egg I go back over it and outline everything with paint.  I usually use black, but depending on what I have painted I might use another color.  After the egg is good and dry it is time to seal it.  I use a liquid clear gloss sealer and brush it on with a foam brush.  Give it a try...it is addicting!

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